Vitasal terveysvastaanotto / Vitasal health clinic

The goal of the Vitasal health clinic is to help you get rid of your symptoms and become healthy or healthier. 

I offer service packages that include 3 to 10 appointments. In several meetings, it is possible to take actions and evaluate the effects of the actions, and you will receive active support to implement the necessary changes. 

A few points about practices.

Read your roadmap/careplan on the NordicVMS platform

After the meeting, you will receive a written roadmap. I use the NordicVMS platform to collect, store and share data. It is data secure. It is possible to connect laboratory tests and studies to the NordicVMS platform. Between meetings, you can contact us via the channel of your choice. I answer on the NordicVMS platform. Log in to NordicVMS with your e-mail address (username) and use the password of your choice.

I am interested in seeing the results of your past lab tests. Also f.e.x gastroscopy or colonoscopy – results. Take them with you to the reception or connect them to the NordicVMS platform.

The primary aim is for the health center doctor or occupational health doctor to order laboratory tests and/or examinations for you. Often these actions are not enough, and then you can use a private laboratory.

I will plan the necessary laboratory tests for you (the laboratory experiment plan). 

I often suggest tests from Nordic Laboratories

If previous laboratory tests and investigations have not shed light on your health problems, I use tests from the Danish Nordic Laboratories for broader and more comprehensive needs.


In addition to the targeted analysis and new planning of tests and examinations, the treatment protocol of the Vitasal health reception includes meal planning, dietary supplement guidance, and parasympathetic nervous system activation for guidance (decrease in stress level). You can send pictures of the meals you enjoyed or write them down and attach them to the NORDIC VMS platform.

Cooperation with a holistic doctor

If necessary, I will refer you to a holistic doctor who can also see you remotely. I will make a referral to a cooperating doctor. The goal is that the comprehensiveness and continuity of the treatment is realized through the cooperation of you, me and the doctor.

Monitoring improvement with metrics

At the reception, you fill out symptom questionnaires. It is important to evaluate the effects of the actions and, if necessary, specify treatment instructions. Good indicators are laboratory tests and examinations, but also the reduction or elimination of symptoms.


I will send the invoice after the first meeting. You can choose 3 – 10 times the package according to your needs. Meeting times are determined as needed for a 1-2 year timeline. In the beginning, the meeting is more frequent, as the recovery progresses, the meetings are less frequent. If possible, I also answer questions between meetings.

First meeting is 1.5 hours on phone or in zoom or in FaceTime (iPhone).

After that meetings are 1/2 hours. 

3 times is 280 e

5 times is 390 e

10 times is 495 e

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Warmly welcome!

Maria-Terttu Lindfors

Registered nurse
Master of Health Sciences
Expert in nutrition and functional medicine

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